St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish

“They spent their time in learning from the apostles, taking part in the fellowship, and sharing in the fellowship meals and prayers.”
(Acts 2:42)

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About Us
Serving the Town of Sussex and its surrounding area, the Saint Francis Xavier Church, Sacred heart Parish, Norton and the St. Philip's Mission at the Head of Millstream are the spiritual houses of worship for those who embrace the Roman Catholic faith traditions in the rural area of Kings County - which is geographically located in southern New Brunswick, Canada.

It is our mission to be a welcoming community of believers who follow the Roman Catholic faith traditions. We are focused on demonstrating our faith in Jesus Christ by: Nurturing and celebrating our beliefs through regular worship, study, fellowship and service and by exemplifying our value by being caring people reaching to all God's people.

As part of the Dioceses of Saint John, the spiritual leadership for these church communities is provided through a Pastor and a Pastoral Associate located in Sussex.

Quoting from a former Pastor, Father Peter Bagley, “St. Francis Xavier is the mother Church of Kings County…………….through the guidance of the Holy Spirit the Catholic faith has survived and grown – giving witness to the Risen Lord in season and out of season. Together with other Christian churches in Sussex and surrounding communities we are united in prayer and thanksgiving.”

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