St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”
(Matthew 18:20)

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Clergy – During the History of Saint Francis Xavier Parish

The following is a list of the pastors, curates and administrators of Saint Francis Xavier Parish, Sussex, NB. Pastors are bolded.
Father O’Donnell is said to have visited the White’s Mountain and Smith Creek area in 1844 and baptized 20 boys and girls at John Fennell’s home.
John Sweeney November 1845 - January 1846
N. Aiphonsus Wallace February 8, 1846 – October 25, 1848
Luke O’Regan November 27, 1848 – June 29, 1850
James Vereker 1856-1886
William Foley 1882-1884 curate
Philip L. Belliveau 1885-1892 curate and later pastor
Patrick Kelly 1887-1891 curate
Edward J. Byrne 1892-1893 curate
James McDevitt 1892-1895
William C. Gaynor 1893-1896 curate
Edward Savage 1896-1905

1900 Second Saint Francis built on Church Avenue
Joseph McDermott 1905-1922
Robert B. Fraser 1919-1921 curate
Wilfred J. Mallette 1921-1923 curate
William P. Hannigan 1922-1939
Joseph P. Ward 1924-1927 curate
J. Emeric Dolan 1927-1930 curate
Frederick C. Carney 1930-1936 curate
Joseph F. Daly 1936-1938 curate
Arthur E. Coughlan 1938-1942 curate
Francis F. Walker 1940-1970
Robert B. Fraser 1942-1951
Lawrence J.
Charles J. Mersereau 1956- curate
John F. Mooney 1956-1963 curate
Raymond Stack 1963-1964 curate
George Riley 1964-1970 curate
John F. Mooney 1970-1973
Joseph P. Quinn 1973-1981
Paul Mitchell 1981-1989
Michael LeBlanc 1989 administrator
Thomas Fowler 1989-1994
William Weiss 1994 administrator
Gerald N. White 1995-1997
Joseph Cochrane 1997-1999
Patrick McDonough 1999 administrator
Peter F. Bagley 1999-2003
Arnie Hachey 2003-2015
Dan Bastarache 2015-present