St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish

God needs you
God alone can give faith but you can give your witness.
God alone can give hope but you can give your brothers confidence.
God alone can give love but you can teach others to love.
God alone can give peace but you can bring unity.
God alone can give strength but you can sustain the discouraged one.
God alone is the Way but you can show him to others.
God alone is the light but you can enlighten it in the eyes of others
God alone is life but you can give others the desire to live.
God alone can do the impossible but you can do your possible.
God alone is enough in himself but he also needs you!

(Prayer by a group of people in Campinas, Brazil)

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A church is not a building, but a community of people coming together to serve God, each other and the community. There are many ministries in our parish and we want and need you to bring life to our faith. Please consider volunteering your time through one of these ministries or by serving on one of our many parish committees.
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